Moose Music under the Magic Moon  (detail), 2016 Gouache on Arches paper  

Moose Music under the Magic Moon (detail), 2016
Gouache on Arches paper

Moose Music under the
Magic Moon

11 May - June 19, 2016
Thursday May 12
5:30 - 7:30 pm
44 Cherry St, Ballina NSW, Australia

Welcome to a magical dreamland where moose boogie down to space funk on distant planets, polar bears dream of intimacy and escape, hipster giraffes trip on cactus juice, and whales navigate deep sea trajectories in response to sonar invitations. 

These paintings are reminiscent of children’s picture books in which delighted animals adventure freely
in paradisiacal wildernesses. Told through veils of humour and innocent naïvety, unwritten narratives follow a double thread: allegorical tales of love, longing and loss are interwoven with deep concern for the quality of life and survival of animals in the present world. 

Due to over-development, environmental pollution and climate change, many wild animals now live under threat of extinction. Just as sadly, many factory-farmed animals are forced to exist in unbearably inhumane circumstances. 

Our cohabitants on Earth, animals hold a special place in the hearts and minds of many people, This is evidenced both by the many beloved animal characters that feature in children’s stories, as well as the way in which we adore and pamper our family pets. These works seeks to raise questions about how we can reconcile the real affection we feel for animals with the tragic plight that we humans – largely in control of the animal kingdom – allow to befall our furred, feathered and finned friends.