RAH! I'm super excited to have signed up for my first solo exhibition in years, however I've had an unexpectedly tiny amount of time to prepare work for it in the end, having had the good fortune to be commissioned to paint three murals for children at the wonderful and fancy new Byron Community Hospital, all within a tiny window of time within my exhibition-prep period. It never rains, but it pours. Due to the time constraints, the works on show will be a mix of already-existing works (from the Les Animaux series), and some new works. Here's a snap of the painting I completed today, Longing.


Mural • Paediatritc Gym

Here's some pics of one of my three murals at the excellent new Byron Community Hospital. This mural is in the Paediatric Gym: a place where little ones go to bend and stretch and heal broken bones.


It feels great to be painting again! Especially after such a long time wandering in the desert.

I'm enjoying watching this whale emerge onto the paper in a spontaneous arrangement of blue, teal and lilac shapes. I wonder what it is about curves that so appeals to my eye...? Especially curves that first move in one direction and then arc back in the other, on a counter-curve. 

Perhaps a good counter-curve elicits joyous somatic memories of dancing, waist and hips moving in rhythm. A counter-curve kinda brings it all back home: first out, then in... up, then down... 
action, reaction. I guess it's about balance, and the sense of harmony balance brings. 

Curved shapes speak to me of flowing liquid, the outlines of leaves, the shape of baby animals and other benevolent things. They're the smooth opposite to jagged glitches, sharp spikes, and the abundance of unforgiving straight lines in our built environment.

With curves there's fluid movement. It tastes like honey and sounds like water running over rocks.