Born and raised in Sydney, I currently live and work between there and the subtropical Byron Bay hinterland on Australia’s east coast. 

A central theme that runs through much of my work is a deep love of the natural world — plants, cloudscapes, insects and especially animals. My animal paintings form a kind of prayer for the continuing survival of the many and diverse species which make up our precious, wild ecosystems. 

Gazing out from my studio through floor-to-ceiling glass walls, I often find myself spellbound by the rose-gold hue of the rising sun illuminating a scribblygum tree trunk, or backlit raindrops hanging like glittering jewels from spindly She Oak leaves. I'm grateful for fleeting glimpses of colour-saturated King parrots, Splendid Fairy Wrens, black cockatoos, our resident echidna, and as a rare treat, a koala. Audibly there's the thump-thump of wallabies as they bound across the land, the whacko laughter of kookaburras at dawn, and the deafening thwop, thwop, thwop of frogs after the rain. 

Inspiration for other works (e.g. the found object sculptures and Mindscape drawings) comes from casting an amused eye over the bizarre and intriguing quirks, fancies and foibles of my fellow human beings. Borne of these observations are curious characters, around whom fictional narratives spontaneously emerge. I generally leave these stories unspoken however, so that the viewer has the opportunity to create their own. 

Working across painting, drawing, collage, murals, lettering and found-object sculpture, my work is not pinned down to just one 'style'. This echoes my appreciation of diversity in all its forms: biological, botanical, cultural and social. 

Whilst fresh out of high school I studied photography at Sydney College of the Arts for a semester or two  before hitting the road, Gypsy-style. Several years later I was ready to leave the city for good and majored in painting at Southern Cross University in Lismore, during which time I had the good fortune to do a student exchange at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY. I continued to live in New York for several years before kissing the big smoke good-bye and swinging back to live in an Antipodean ecological paradise.