My current work explores the realm of the unseen as I find myself contemplating the invisible energy or life force that underpins all things.

Using the simple materials of coloured pencil on paper, I watch with curiosity as stream-of-consciousness patterns and shapes emerge onto the paper.

For the first time during my art practice, abstraction is occurring, something which I am really enjoying. Of course, my beloved animals and nature bits (moth wings / stars / the moon) still show up too.

It seems fitting to allow the work to unfurl spontaneously just as it will, as this is how life itself unfolds and expresses itself… Mother Nature the ever-surprising inventor, playing with vitality, growth, colour and shapes as only a divine being could.

Influenced by my recent project of photographing and cataloguing a vast collection of museum-quality sacred tribal art objects, I got to wondering what is it that underlies all things.

It makes me laugh / cringe when I note that the kind of cosmic symbols often found in LSD-inspired artwork make an appearance. Who am I to shun them?

I also enjoy playing with paint, wood, glass, fabric, found objects, wool, feathers, ribbon, silk, clay, stone, metal, rope, light and colour.  

Inspiration comes largely from the wild elegance of nature: cloudscapes, the play of light on water, the quiet beauty of plants, the endless wonders of the animal world, the sound of wind in the trees.

The act of art-making has, for me, become a kind of prayer / desperate plea for the continuing survival of the many and diverse species that make up our precious, wild ecosystems.