My current work explores the realm of the unseen — the invisible energy or life force that underpins all things.

It’s a calm buzzing, a clear light in the infinite blackness. It is simultaneously out there and in here. It exists beyond the shifting seas of melancholy and joy. A spark that is beyond the physical realm yet also the very essence of it.

Earthly things like iridescent insects, raindrops, a crescent moon, stones, tribal totems, mineral deposit mounds and velvety moth wings intermingle with abstract shapes and symbols, hinting at the unknowable magnificence of which we can only hope to catch tantalising glimpses. 

Working in a spontaneous manner, some of the imagery that emerges is reminiscent of sixties-style hallucinatory visions of the cosmos bursting forth with a humming and humorous vitality.

Inspiration comes largely from nature… cloudscapes, the play of light on water, the quiet splendour of plants, the bizarre wonders of the animal world, the sounds of frogs, cicadas, raucous native birds, swirling creeks and lapping seawater.