Rachel Stone is a visual artist based in Sydney, having recently returned after living in Northern NSW and New York over the past two decades. 

Rachel’s paintings, drawings, collages and found object sculptures have been exhibited in solo and group exhibitions in the major regional galleries of Northern NSW.

She has also been commissioned to create murals in public spaces for councils, public hospitals and cafés.

Artist’s Statement:

My current body of work explores the realm of the unseen, contemplating the invisible energy or life force that underpins all things.

Using the simple materials of coloured pencil on paper, the drawings tend to emerge spontaneously. Working in this kind of stream-of-consciousness way, I watch with curiosity as patterns and shapes emerge onto the paper. 

Earthly things like iridescent insects, raindrops, a crescent moon, mineral deposit mounds and velvety moth wings intermingle with abstract shapes and symbols, hinting at the unknowable magnificence of which we can only hope to catch tantalising glimpses. 

Some pieces exude a quiet gentleness, while others are bold and exuberant, reminiscent of sixties-style hallucinatory visions of the cosmos bursting forth with a humming and humorous vitality. 

Inspiration comes largely from nature: cloudscapes; the play of light on water; the quiet splendour of plants; the bizarre wonders of the animal world; the sounds of frogs, cicadas, raucous native birds, swirling creeks and lapping seawater.